Shopify Customer Metafields

  • 29 June 2022
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Shopify is going all-in on their Metafields implementation. Will Klaviyo add metafields data to their platform?


For example: Customer Metafields would be super handy. We could collect all sorts of data and sync it over to Klaviyo.


Shopify’s own segmentation tool does handle these use-cases: 


Anyone know if that’s already possible somehow?


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2 replies

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Hi @DriesP,

Thanks for bringing this up and I think I can speak on some info regarding Shopify and Klaviyo metafields.

Unfortunately you are limited to only the fields which are sent by Shopify, this is not something Klaviyo can change.
If you want to see the full information that can be pulled through you can view the metric in the analytics page and then click on the details under a customers' timestamp:
All of the information here can be used in your emails, it might be worth checking with Shopify if they can include extra fields or alternatively you can create a custom field using our APIs which would require work from a developer on your side.

Hope this helped,


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Hi @alex.hong 


Thanks for that answer. All though my whole point is that Shopify has much data, that’s open to grab with their API’s, but Klaviyo doesn’t use it yet.

Basically it would be great if Klaviyo would sync more available Shopify customer data to profiles:

- Customer Locale: => customer.locale 

- Customer Metafields: => customer.metafields (Can fetch all metafields or let users choose) 

*Shopify Customer Metafields are where Shopify merchants can store additional information about customers. (VAT info, Loyalty tier, Birthday date etc…)

If Klaviyo One want to be the unified customer platform these seem pretty straightforward tbh :-)

Thanks for looking into this or forwarding this to the dev team!