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  • 3 October 2022
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Hello :)


What’s the solution to the below snippet in this article?


There are a few situations which can cause someone to have Accepts Marketing set to false, but they're still subscribed to your newsletter:

  • If a customer checks out and decides not to accept email marketing at that time, but later subscribes through a signup form, they'll still be added to your newsletter list.
  • If a customer checks out and does accept email marketing, they'll be added to your newsletter list. If they check out again, they'll probably decide to not subscribe again since they're already subscribed. Depending on your checkout configuration, Shopify might see this as not accepting marketing (Accepts Marketing = false.) You probably don't want to treat this customer as an unsubscribe. Rather, you'll want to keep this customer on your newsletter list. 


  1. How will you change the customers marketing consent to true? Surely the signup form will trigger marketing consent as true and take the most recent consent and override?
  2. What's the solution to this scenario? What’s the checkout configuration mentioned? I assume its a solution to stop customers triggering a false marketing consent when they don’t intend to and forcing them to unsubscribe the correct way e.g. unsubscribe link in their emails or via their account. 





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Hi @MNgo,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

The Klaviyo sign-up form won’t organically update the “accepts marketing” consent to true - but that doesn’t mean the user won’t be able to get targeted for email marketing. This is because the “accepts marketing” property you see on the user profile is set by Shopify, and is used as an indicator of a user’s consent as Shopify sees it (coming from a Shopify checkout page). And it allows them to be added to a Klaviyo list. It doesn’t actually change the users de facto subscription status when it comes to receiving Klaviyo emails. For this reason, accepts marketing = false, won’t prevent a user from receiving Klaviyo emails. Instead, it’s their consent status that makes this determination. For example, using the second scenario, if the user were to go back through checkout again and leave the box unchecked, then, yes, their accepts marketing value would be updated to false (as the article postulates). But they would still be able to be emailed unless they unsubscribed via a Klaviyo email, regardless of the accepts marketing status. The “checkout configuration” I believe is referring to if the box exists or if the default value has been changed in some way from the default Shopify checkout page.

In short, they’re two different entities (accepts marketing is a property Shopify uses to “pass users” over to us and add them to a Klaviyo list and the consent status is the de facto subscription status of the user), the latter of which will determine if they can receive a Klaviyo email or SMS.

I hope that’s helpful.


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Thanks for the speedy response Dov! 

  1. So if a customer doesn’t consent to marketing emails at Shopify checkout, their marketing consent will always remain false. But can be overridden if they accept marketing emails at checkout later at a future purchase? 
  2. If I was to segment customers, which property will ensure I’m truly sending to subscribed customers? I‘m thinking $consent = emails, but not sure if this will wrongly populate the segment with Shopify’s false marketing status and remove customers who do want emails? I presume this property is the ‘consent status’ mentioned int he article you provided which is nothing to do with Shopify - does the Shopify marketing property status show in Klaviyo, if so can you show me an example?
  3. If a customer signs up for newsletters, then doesn’t check the marketing box at checkout, what will be the outcome - will they still be subscribed or not?  
  4. Customers who pass over from Shopify with a false marketing status, do they count as an active profile? 




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Hi @MNgo,

Thanks for the follow-up note.

  1. That’s correct!
  2. Right $consent does not have to do with Shopify, that is a Klaviyo consent property. You can use $consent = email and use an AND Shopify accepts marketing = true OR Shopify accepts marketing “is not set” (text data type) which would eliminate those who have Shopify accepts marketing = false (unless their Klaviyo consent is true). The “is not set” portion of the definition refers to a profile who does not have Shopify accepts marketing on their profile at all. For example, someone who just filled out a Klaviyo form (and never went through the Shopify checkout page). The only Shopify consent property is the accepts marketing property
    1. I assume by Newsletters, you mean through a Klaviyo sign-up form adding them to a Newsletter list? In which case yes, they’ll still be subscribed by virtue of signing up through a Klaviyo form. If that’s not what you were referring to, let me know.
    2. Yes they still count as active profiles, but you can suppress them manually if you wish.

I hope that’s helpful.