Why does my export have missing address values

  • 2 December 2021
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Hi all, 


I was wondering if anyone can help me or whether there is a quick fix for my problem. I’m trying to simply export one of my segments so that I can create address labels, but the export is missing both address line 1 and postcode/zip code. I’m admin on the account so wouldn’t have thought it was an access problem - can someone point me in the right direction?


It’s a fairly urgent problem, the address labels are needed for a mailout happening tomorrow. 


Many thanks in advance!


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Hi @emmanlansinoh,

Thank you for sharing this with our community.

There could be a couple of different things happening here. First, you may have inadvertently been collecting users addresses or zip/postal codes under another property that isn’t our default for address or zip/postal code. By default, the address field will not populate on the user profile, so if you’re seeing address on the profile-level, it means it’s been mapped to another property that you’ll have to select in the export menu. The quick solution is to export all fields relating to address and zip (including all Klaviyo and custom fields) and see if the address and zip/postal code information populates in the .csv from there.  Simply search and check all the boxes with “address” in the name from the export menu and repeat the process for the words “zip” and “postal” in the search bar to gather all of those results.


If nothing is populating here in the .csv file relating to the address or zip/postal code after checking all the boxes, I recommend double-checking the source of how you’ve been collecting these fields. For example, if you’ve been collecting these fields via a Klaviyo sign-up form, click on the input fields collecting address and ZIP and ensure they’re being mapped properly. The input field should have a property corresponding to the appropriate field.

Klaviyo Signup Form Address Profile Property Field

Once this is verified, I recommend repeating the process for any other signup forms/subscribe pages or any other 3rd party forms that you’re using to collect this information. If the information has not made it to Klaviyo (as verified by the first step of the solution) then there is a “break in the chain” somewhere at the source that needs to be uncovered. Klaviyo would never delete or remove any information pertaining to the profile on its own.

I hope this helps!