Recap discussion: [Interactive workshop] Strengthen customer relationships with birthday flows in Klaviyo (for entrepreneurs)

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Thank you for attending today’s session, [Interactive workshop] Strengthen customer relationships with birthday flows in Klaviyo (for entrepreneurs). 

You can view the replay of this training below: 

There was a technical issue during the flow build demo, so please view this supplemental video for guidance building and structuring your flow. Note: you need to have at least one birthdate property in your Klaviyo account, in order for the birthday trigger to appear in the flow builder. You can manually add a birthday to your profile in your Klaviyo account. Those instructions are explained in the supplemental video. When you input a custom birthday property manually, the date needs to be written MM/DD/YYYY or YYYY-MM-DD. If there are any questions about this, leave your comments below, and I will get back to you! 

In this training, we did the following: 

  • Created a signup form collecting customer birthdays
  • Built a birthday property-triggered flow
  • Reviewed best practices for birthday flows
  • Shared some creative birthday messages for inspiration

You can find some helpful resources below. 

Klaviyo Blog: 

Klaviyo Help Center: 

Klaviyo Academy:

Information on creating coupons: 

Share your tips, tricks, and any successful birthday message strategies below! 

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