Recap discussion: [Strategy session] Understand email and SMS deliverability

  • 18 May 2023
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Hi there!


This post contains resources related to our live training [Strategy session] Understand email and SMS deliverability which takes place every month. You can register to attend the next session here.



During this session, we learn how to:

  • Assess and improve email deliverability
  • Assess and Improve SMS deliverability

Watch the recording of the latest session:



Key learnings

  • Deliverability refers to your reputation as a sender. The stronger your deliverability, the more chances your email will land in your recipients’ inboxes, and your SMS will reach your recipients’ mobile devices.
  • Deliverability is not a hard measurable number, but you can make assumptions on your deliverability health by monitoring certain metrics:
    • email deliverability metrics: open rate, click rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, spam complaint rate
    • SMS deliverability metrics: failed delivery rate, click rate, conversion rate, unsubscribe rate
  • Where to find deliverability metrics:
    • Overview dashboard: Analytics > Dashboards > Overview dashboard > Email Deliverability and SMS deliverability cards
    • Benchmarks: Analytics > Benchmarks > Email Campaigns, Flows, SMS
    • Campaigns trends report: Campaigns > Options > View email trends
    • Custom reports: Reports Library > Email Deliverability by Campaigns and Email Deliverability by Flow templates
  • Strategies to improve email deliverability:
    • Build and maintain a high-quality email list
    • Adopt a well-balanced email sending schedule
    • Optimize email content
    • Optimize email sending infrastructure
  • Strategies to improve SMS deliverability:
    • Optimize for carrier filtering
    • Build and maintain a high-quality SMS list
    • Adopt a well-balanced SMS sending schedule


Additional learning resources


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2 replies

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Hi guys - thanks so much for the session, it was great - a couple of follow up question from me:

Is it better to move transactional emails from Shopify to Klaviyo? I’m guessing the advantages are firstly that it’s easier to see data on them in Klaviyo but do they also help with sender reputation as I would think they are most likely to be opened etc?

Then on transactional emails - should they be really plain and image free or can you still be a little creative wtih them?





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Hey @Charlie E,

Glad you enjoyed the session!

The option of moving your transactional emails from Shopify to Klaviyo is really down to personal preference and your backend setup. You’re absolutely right that one of the core benefits of using Klaviyo for transactional emails is that you can track their performance directly in Klaviyo.

When it comes to helping with your sending reputation/deliverability, this would be the aspect that would be dependant on your backend setup. In many cases, the answer would be yes. Since instead of sending emails from a separate (Shopify/ecommerce) infrastructure, sending all your emails through Klaviyo will alleviate any misalignments as they’re all sent out from the same infrastructure. 

You can absolutely be a bit creative in your transactional emails. Oftentimes a lot of brands recommend using plan text, free of images as it helps lower the risk of violating the transactional policy - emails free of marketing materials. I would further suggest keeping images to a minimum as inbox providers will scan the content to further understand where to place your emails. Having too many images, and inbox providers may still place your transactional emails in the promotion folder. 

If you haven’t already, I would encourage you to take a look at our How to use flows to send transactional emails Help Center article. 

I’ve also found some resources below from Litmus and Email on Acid really helpful to understanding these concepts as well: