Recap: Understanding email and SMS deliverability

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Happy Monday all and welcome to our EMEA-specific strategy session on Understanding email and SMS deliverability. Whether you attended the live session or not, in this post you’ll find the session replay and all of the additional resources mentioned during the training. 



In this session, we cover: 

  • What is deliverability? 

  • How is deliverability different for email and SMS?

  • How to assess your email deliverability 

  • Improving open rates, click rates and sender reputation 


Here are some additional resources that may be helpful in implementing some of the recommendations from this training: 

NEW: Deliverability certificate!

Understanding deliverability best practices

Monitoring email deliverability

How to use the subject line assistant

Changes to open rates with iOS 15

Guide to warming your sending infrastructure

Understand and Review Your SMS Deliverability

SMS filtering by wireless carriers


See you at one of our live trainings soon!

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