All SKU are not loaded inside metrics

  • 9 September 2021
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Inside my metrics say “Ordered Product” the metrics(charts) is showing fine however not all SKU’s which are loaded into Klaviyo is populated and many of them missing.

How to include all or select the SKU’s. There is bottom section called segments with SKU’s and checkboxes near by and there also not all SKU’s are present.


But when i search by condition its showing, kindly advise.


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Hello @Vijay,

Thank you for sharing this information with the Klaviyo community.

Can you confirm if a user has ordered a product with a certain SKU and it is still not appearing in that filtered menu? Only if a user orders a product with SKU X would it appear in that filtered menu. We also have a limit to the number of SKU’s we’re able to display there so if you have hundreds of SKU’s it’s possible it will not appear in that menu even if an order was placed for that SKU.

Also, can you clarify what you mean by “when i search by condition it’s showing”?



Hey @Dov ,


Actually its not for a specific user i’m talking about the ordered product analytics itself.


Please see attached image for reference,

in which only specific SKU’s are loaded by default when i choose (“BY” “SKU” from advanced filter) and many of them are missing. Im not able to see the charts with required SKU’s, But when i use advanced filter and search by where condition i can see the SKU’s but that will display the result only for that SKU right.


Hope you understand my question now.


*Sorry i removed the SKU for privacy concerns from the screenshot.

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Hello @Vijay,

Thank you for your response.

Let me correct one point I made earlier. Since our metrics page’s charts view is designed to be an overview, it does not display all the properties (even if someone has triggered an event with that said property) and only displays up to 25 rows (segments) max.

In short, it’s meant to give users a brief overview of how a given metric is performing. For a more “complete” view with SKU’s, build a Single Metric Deep Dive report using Custom Reports using the “Ordered Product” metric

The in-app reporting does also have a limit of 200 rows, but it will display all properties if you export that report into CSV. You can achieve this by clicking the gray “Export” button on the right-hand side above the “Results Preview”. You can also adjust the timeframe in the report.

I hope that’s helpful.



Hi @Dov 


Thankyou for the clarification, yes i can see it inside the custom reports.


Few more questions : 

  1. So no option to select the SKU’s that we would to like to see in the chart? I see random SKU’s are picked.
  2. Or is there any way we can see the chart with customized data?
  3. Anyway report custom report can be shown in a chart

Because it would be great to see the chart for the comparison how our store is performing, hope you know what i mean.


Kindly let me know.



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Hello @Vijay,

Thank you for your follow-up post.

  1. That is correct, there is no way to select specific SKU’s. This is meant to be a general overview page.
  2. You can select a different metric in the advanced filter settings i.e. not SKU if you wish. However, we cannot get any more “granular” after selecting “SKU” for the advanced filter.
  3. Custom Reports are not available in a chart format within Klaviyo. However, after exporting the .csv file, you can arrange the data into a chart using Excel or Google Sheets. With that said, I will also file a feature request for this functionality. I understand how having a visual component within the platform can be helpful!

Thanks for being a member of our community.


Thankyou @Dov