Community Shoutouts: Thank you @retention @tiebar @Reestar @Diyafury for all that you do!

  • 24 September 2021
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Community Shoutouts: Thank you @retention @tiebar @Reestar @Diyafury for all that you do!
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Hey Community!


Our mission is to create a collaborative space for our users to learn, grow, and share with one another as they progress as e-commerce businesses. What makes our Community special is the ability for our users to engage in peer-to-peer support and offer solutions or best practices to others looking for answers or advice. In fact, this is what makes our Community not only special, but thrive! We want to celebrate and give a Community Shoutout to users who are embodying this collaborative and helpful spirit by going out of their way to offer guidance to others in our community!

Thank you for your positive impact over the last month!

  • @retention 
  • @tiebar 
  • @Reestar 
  • @Diyafury 


Let’s congratulate them and share any stories of how you’ve been impacted by these four users! We’d love to hear it! 

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