November Shoutouts: Check out a Hot Tip about Woocomerce coupons from @JayH!

  • 2 November 2021
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November Shoutouts: Check out a Hot Tip about Woocomerce coupons from @JayH!
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Hey Community! Can you believe it’s already November?! :turkey::maple_leaf::fallen_leaf::sweet_potato:


We can’t either! We are back with another edition of our Community Shoutouts.


Our mission is to create a collaborative space for our users to learn, grow, and share with one another as they progress as e-commerce businesses. What makes our Community special is the ability for our users to engage in peer-to-peer support and offer solutions or best practices to others looking for answers or advice. 


We want to celebrate and give a Community Shoutout to users who are embodying this collaborative and helpful spirit by going out of their way to offer guidance to others in our community! 


A big thanks to these users: 




@Mailbox Manny




:fire: Hot Tip :fire:@JayH shared with the Community that Woocommerce users can use Smart Coupons to create bulk coupons. Thanks for the tip! 


Check out the conversation here to learn more!  


:loudspeaker: Question to the Community :loudspeaker: : Do you have any tips or tricks to share about coupons and how you’ve incorporated them in your business?


Thread it below, we’d love to hear them! 

3 replies

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I always love a great tip. One strategy I love is offering your VIP customers a VIP-exclusive discount on all orders. 

To really make this shine, tell your customer when they’ve achieved VIP status, welcome them into that exclusive club, and tell them what the perks of being a VIP are, including this special discount. A typical range for this is 10%-15% off every order, and you can put a minimum or maximum order value on it. 

This type of discount makes VIPs feel special, and encourages them to continue shopping with you long into the future. You can also tell your non-VIPs that this is a perk to encourage them to hit your VIP threshold.

I’d love to hear what other discount tips people have!

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My biggest tip for using coupons is to use them sparingly. If you offer discounts in every email and every offer, no one is going to pay full price because they know the next discount is just right around the corner.

Instead, use them as “surprises” or to reward your most loyal customers. 

If you’re having trouble with conversions without coupons, you may need to look at other aspects of your strategy.

  • Are you speaking to your ideal customer avatar?
  • In the way they expect to be talked to?
  • Are you providing value elsewhere that engages them?
  • Have you given them a reason to buy from you other than, “it’s the cheapest price on the internet”?
  • This is a hard one to accept, but….is your product or offer something that people actually want?

In my 8 years of experience running email marketing for other brands, if you can answer yes to all those things above, you likely don’t need to use coupon codes all that often. And when you do, it’s a massive windfall of orders because, “this never happens! I better take advantage of it now!”

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One strategy when sending out coupons to customers is to set up a flow that follows up with those who haven't used a coupon code to remind them about the deal. Perhaps they just need a gentle nudge to shop from your store!

Also, if you work with social media influencers, they can work to share unique coupon codes this holiday season! Influencer marketing is a form of user generated content (UGC) that can boost revenue for your brand. If you’d like some more inspiration on how to collect/promote UGC in and outside of Klaviyo, check out our Academy course on the subject.

Happy holidays everyone!