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Product Update: SMS in Australia

  • 27 September 2021
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Product Update: SMS in Australia
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Hi Community, 


I’m Anthony from the Product Marketing team at Klaviyo 👋, and I’m so excited to announce that SMS is now available in Australia! 🇦🇺 🎉


With Klaviyo SMS, you can use one trusted platform for both email & SMS – allowing you to collect consent, build lists and segments, send targeted messages, and get an accurate report on your performance in one place. 


Klaviyo email customers who add SMS see an average ROI of 122x!  


With an internationally flexible pricing model, you don’t have to budget how many messages you are going to send in each country and be locked in parallel plans. Plus, flexible contracting means Klaviyo has to prove its value to you month-over-month.


Want to get started with SMS? Go directly into your account or talk to an expert today

Interested in learning more about how to succeed with SMS in Australia? Join us for a webinar with our platinum partner, Andzen, on October 6 at 11 AM AEST to see how Australian brands are using SMS to drive more revenue and build strong customer relationships. Register now! 


Additional resources below: 

Setting up SMS: 

Klaviyo Help Center Resources: 

Additional information:


Happy sending! 

2 replies

is it possible to have an Australian sending number instead of a US one?

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@tubtreats Yes! You can set up an Alphanumeric Sender ID (for free) and only send to Australian numbers, if you prefer.