Summer shoutouts & how to avoid gmail clipping!

  • 5 July 2022
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Summer shoutouts & how to avoid gmail clipping!
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Hey Community! 


Here at the Community we aim to create an inclusive space to learn, grow, and share with others! We want to celebrate and give a Community Shoutout to users who are embodying this collaborative and helpful spirit by going out of their way to offer guidance to others in our Community! 


A big thank you to these users! Keep collaborating and helping each other to make our Community the best it can be! 


  • @Petru Iacob
  • @ibrahim_thinks
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  • @tcalabris
  • @max77
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  • @oislt
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  • @Dana M
  • @MM6


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:fire: Hot Tip :fire:: One of our own peers @max77 shared out his own topic about gmail clipping and how to avoid making his same mistakes. Thanks for sharing this out for us @max77! Learn how to avoid gmail clipping below!



<img class=" src="" width="18" /> Question to the Community :loudspeaker:: Our very own @Dana M came to the rescue of a peer, highlighting how to utilize Zapier to integrate google reviews with Klaviyo! Would you be interested in utilizing integrations, like Zapier, to give you more flow trigger options? What other integrations have proved most useful to your business when connecting with your Klaviyo account? How are you using them? 




Thanks for making our Community the collaborative and helpful space it is! 

-The Community Team 

5 replies

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My pleasure :)

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Wow! I love this and thank you for sharing @Taylor Tarpley. Shoutout to every single person above. I can guarantee our Klaviyo community would not be the same without you!

This is also a great question about integrations. Some other integrations that have proven to be useful for businesses are landing page integrations. You can use landing pages to generate insight about your customers, increase conversions, and increase brand awareness. Typeform and Wufoo are two integrations that are great for survey taking and Kickoff Labs and Unbounce are excellent one-stop-shops for landing pages. 

Help desk and support integrations have also been beneficial for businesses. Integrating with Zendesk or Gorgias allows you to sync support ticket activity to Klaviyo and respond to SMS from within the help desk platform. 

These are just a few examples but luckily, Klaviyo integrates with many platforms, which allows you to have your data all in one place. Be sure to take a look to make sure you are utilizing all Klaviyo has to offer. 

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Hey @Tom B 


What integrations have you discovered to be most useful to your business when connecting with your Klaviyo account? 


Would love to hear your insights!


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Zendesk integration is great.

Also integrations with loyalty apps. 

It allows us to display the points of the users, to  display their referral links, it gives us more trigger options etc..

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Thanks @Taylor Tarpley (my lovely card arrived in the mail btw - AusPost is very slow), this is a fantastic, helpful community… I know I’ve learned an awful lot and hope I can eventually disperse some wisdom of my own :)