Celebrate our October Community Allstars

  • 13 November 2023
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Celebrate our October Community Allstars
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Welcome back to the Klaviyo Community, where together, we cultivate an environment rich in valuable strategic and technical insights, mutual encouragement, and constructive input. We are genuinely grateful for the remarkable contributions made by each member of our community.

Now, let's take a moment to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of our top contributors from October.  Join us in celebrating their success and let their achievements kindle the flames of inspiration within all of us!

Time to celebrate our top contributors!

🏆 Let’s congratulate our highest achiever: Andy Dawson, also known as @bluesnapper. 🌟 Andy has earned a astounding 1193 points, securing the top contributor spot for an impressive 5 months in a row, more than doubling his points from September!

Andy has contributed 25 best answers, woven into 73 spot-on responses to our community's questions. 👏🔥 That's not all–Andy's presence reaches far and wide with an impressive 47 likes and 14 nods of approval. Thank you for continuing to be such an incredible member of the community!


We also want to highlight our second place contributor and Klaviyo Partner, Jessica eCommerce Badassery. Jessica is an incredible member of our community who has provided 4 best answers through 6 expertly crafted replies to other community members. She has received 6 likes from community members who truly appreciate her support! Jessica’s contributions have made a great impact on the community over the past year with 99 total replies and 48 best answers given. Thank you for your continued efforts to support all of our members and being an incredible partner!

@Jessica eCommerce Badassery 

To become a community Allstar: fully engage with the community, actively participate, and accumulate points. Numerous opportunities to contribute lie ahead, from initiating discussions and providing valuable assistance to fellow members, to earning nods of appreciation through likes, and presenting innovative solutions to your peers' inquiries.

With each point you earn, you'll ascend the ranks, gaining access to coveted badges as you progress, and potentially earn an exclusive invitation to join the esteemed Superusers Group.

2 replies

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Congratulations @bluesnapper @Jessica eCommerce Badassery @gmartu @TomDoyle & @Steve0603 for being out top contributors for the month of October! We truly appreciate all of your participation in the Klaviyo Community!

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Thank you for the mention, it is a pleasure to be able to contribute as much as I can to this vast and wonderful community! Let's keep up the good work!