Klaviyo Growth Podcast ft. Koils by Nature

  • 17 November 2020
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Pamela Booker, founder of Koils by Nature, joins us on the podcast to talk about the importance of collecting emails early, creative ways to market beauty products, using Klaviyo to get the most out of your content, and advice on the upcoming Cyber Weekend. Pamela is another incredibly unique guest in the sense that she consults with other brands on top of implementing her own strategy.

In our conversation, we focused on the concept of educational marketing, which the Beauty industry is uniquely equipped to utilize.

"In this space before and after is really important. We provide customers detailed instructions on how to take good before and after shots, which angles and lighting to use, and how to post their reviews."

"...our products that aren't performing well, instead of discounting, we push them to the front with live video tutorials on how to use them and the results."

Have you considered ways to utilize video in your marketing? Are you already successfully using video to market your products? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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