Support Efficiency?

  • 22 July 2021
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I literally just tried to sign up with Klaviyo and am not receiving a confirmation email. I have emailed support and got no feedback. What is the average wait time to get feedback on such an insignificant issue?

My question here, is this a taste of what support will be like moving forward? Am I going to battle to get responses for very small issues? Concerned when dealing with complex issues going to waste plenty time.

Community experiences with support will be appreciated?  Would rather stop now if it is going to be an issue moving forward.

1 reply

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Hi @Mike01

Thanks so much for joining the Klaviyo Community, and for sharing your support experience here. We’re sorry to hear that you had a bit of a wait for the email request you made. It looks like a team member of ours was able to get back to you this morning with some followup steps, and you’ve since reached out with some actions you’ve tried. Thanks so much for going ahead and trying a few of the recommendations our team has provided as we continue to identify a resolution.

I know your post here isn’t necessarily on the issue of receiving your confirmation email with Klaviyo, but more a general ask of support experiences from other Community members. Our team does try to respond as quickly as possible to support requests, most typically within the day. In addition to access to email Support for all customers, plus Chat Support for paying customers, Klaviyo also offers a myriad of articlestraining resourceslive training, and this forum to serve as references for our community.

We hope that through these various methods of education, we’re able to help support our customers as they grow their business!