2020 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Couponing & Discount Strategy

  • 18 November 2020
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Hi all-

This year has been quite different for e-commerce businesses.  We’ve heard from a lot of Klaviyo customers that they are utilizing different couponing and discount strategies -- what are you trying out this year for Black Friday?

5 replies

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Get creative and try to avoid across the board discounting.  Once someone comes into your brand with a discount, they often remain a discount customer.  Many brands fall into this struggle and end up only being able to drive sales with coupons and discounts.  I’m advising my clients to try and utilize free shipping offers and grouped product bundles at a lower price that avoids a % off call out.  It takes more work to be creative that way (and maybe some plugins), but the long term value of getting a customer that is comfortable buying without a discount is worth it.

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@Garrow Interesting strategy! I love the idea of using grouped product bundles, and have seen many businesses going that route too. It’s also ideal as business owners are not setting the expectation that their product is only valuable with a discount. Do you have a recommend % discount or general rule of thumb for how much to discount for the holidays, should someone decide to go that route? 


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Something we’re doing with many of our e-commerce partners this year is discounted pre-bundled deals. 

Easy fulfillment ✔
Higher AOV ✔
Bigger perceived savings > more sales ✔

Here are 3 more ideas:

👉 Staggered discounts (Spend $50+, get 20% off; spend $75+, get 30% off) - this performed really well for our clients 
👉 Get X bundle, receive Y product FREE
👉 Gift Guide: bundled gift sets for THIS type of person in your life 

I’d recommend trying a few different setups (with days apart, of course) and seeing what works for your audience.  

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Ohh @KaseyLuck I always love a good bundled gift set targeted for a particular person, be it parents, siblings, the techie, S/O - a very great idea! If you have a favorite holiday gifting item, we have a thread going to promote small businesses/shop local this year and it would be cool to throw in some images/links of best performing holiday items you’ve seen from a client! 

Thanks for sharing some excellent tips! 

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Thanks @cassy.lee ! Shared some great bundles from one of our clients :) Might share more later. 🙌