🏆April's Community Allstars🏆

  • 14 May 2024
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🏆April's Community Allstars🏆
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Welcome to the latest update from the Klaviyo Community Allstars! We're here to highlight the outstanding collaboration and support shown by our top members each month. Our community is a place for valuable insights, technical expertise, and collaboration opportunities. We want to thank each member for their contributions.

🎉 Let's shine a spotlight on the top performers from April, who set the standard for excellence in our community. Join us in celebrating their success and let it inspire us all! 🎉

🚨 Our top contributor: 🚨


🏆 Our top 5 contributors: 🏆


Checkout some of the top 5’s  best answer contributions to the community:


You might wonder, "How can I become a Klaviyo Community Allstar?" Well, there are many ways to earn points, from starting discussions and offering helpful advice to receiving likes and providing thoughtful solutions to others' questions.

As you accumulate points, you'll rise through the ranks, unlock badges, and even secure a place on the leaderboard!

6 replies

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Hey @Sujal @JessFosnough @KeviSunshine @sonomaemail @Kat Mofokeng, Congrats on being our top contributors for the month of April. You all are absolutely fantastic! It’s a joy to have you in the Klaviyo Community!

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Hey Klaviyo Fam,

This absolutely made my day! A massive thank you for recognizing me as a top contributor in the Klaviyo Community for April. Being part of such a warm and supportive community truly is a joy. @JessFosnough , @KeviSunshine, @sonomaemail, and @Kat Mofokeng  - congrats to you all as well! It's inspiring to see the level of expertise and willingness to help within this group.

The Klaviyo Community has become an invaluable resource for learning, sharing best practices, and troubleshooting challenges. I'm grateful for the opportunity to contribute and connect with fellow Klaviyo users. Here's to another month of successful Klaviyo experiences for everyone!🥂

Thanks again,

Sujal // www.theklientx.com

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Thanks, Klaviyo team!

Congrats to @Sujal, @KeviSunshine, @sonomaemail & @Kat Mofokeng - keep up the good work!🙌

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Congrats, all!

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Yes! @Sujal @JessFosnough @KeviSunshine @sonomaemail @Kat Mofokeng y’all have shared so much valuable knowledge with others, you are all so awesome!

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This is awesome! Congrats to you all for helping the Klaviyo community with your amazing insights and knowledge 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏