How to use your EDM stats to convince your boss giving you more assets and resources!?

  • 19 April 2022
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Ok this is a real situation. To not bore you with all the background details, I will explain in a shorter manner.


After a few weeks of sending, right now the revenue generated by EDM is close to 40%(36% by flow, 4% by campaign), but because our shopify store overall is only making a few thousandss a week. So the percentage wise might look great but on the other side, the total revenue just not enough.


I need more traffic to make this retention machine to generate more revenue


I want to use some of the stats to go to the boss and say :” These are the reason why we need increase ad spends or budget on our website!”


Question: What will these stats or number be?


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Hi @Rara,

Thanks for sharing this with us.

I’ll break my thoughts down into two parts. The first part speaking to quantity and the second on quality.

On Quantity: Before you think about investing more money into paid sources of acquisition, I would first consider taking a step back and think about if you’re using all strategies accessible for free to help continue to build your sending audience. We have a great blog article that speaks to both paid and non-paid strategies to help grow your email list. I’d review this first to ensure you are covering all of your “free” bases before you venture too deeply into paid sources of customer acquisition. We have another blog post to optimize your website here. Using these strategies will be the easiest way to increase your traffic and overall revenue without any additional budget adds. Also, check out our training on Creating an Effective Acquisition Strategy using Signup Forms.

On Quality: As you continue to grow your sending audience, you’ll want to ensure the quality of users you’re sending to is strong. This is important because regularly sending to an unengaged audience with low engagement can negatively impact your sending reputation and your emails may end up in spam.  You can avoid this through regular list cleaning. I recommend you look through our community discussion on this topic below: 

Also, check out a lively thread on deliverability with our friend Joe from Retention and our very own community manager, Taylor here.

Last, but certainly not least, look at Klaviyo benchmarks. That will allow you to analyze your account data in relation to Klaviyo best practices, industry trends, and companies similar to your own. By seeing how different aspects of your account perform, you can prioritize efforts in areas that need improvement in order to use Klaviyo to its maximum potential. You’ll find some of the metrics you’re looking for here.

I hope that’s a helpful start and thanks for being a member of our community.