Create Popup Form to Collect Data without an Email Field

  • 17 August 2021
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I am trying to create a 1 question survey for visitors coming to our site. We currently have a subscription popup that activates 7-8 seconds when someone is on the site. We are getting some people to subscribe and we are able to ask them the survey question “Are you currently bald”.

However, we want to have a popup that fires as soon as someone comes to the site that just asks the question. We are not looking to collect email addresses. We just want to know the percentage of individuals coming to the site that are bald. This will help with advertising later on. 

I was able to successfully create the popup WITHOUT an email address field, but the data doesn’t seem to be sent to Klaviyo without having the required email. Is there a way to do a custom report to see this information? We are not wanting to use a third party integration due to security processes and approved apps. ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED! 


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Hi @tagriffith ,


Thanks for your question in the Community and hope to provide some info!

When it comes to identifying your visitors through a form, we need an email address.  The email address field is how we identify the profile to attach that information on.  However, if you were to send them an email and link them to an Update Preferences Page, we would not need them to enter their email; If someone submits a form a few times we won't duplicate their profile.  The information will just be updated on their profile. If a signup form does not have an email field, then it will not collect any information regardless of how users got to this signup form. I would strongly recommend adding an email field in there. Although it isn’t the solution you found, I could submit a product feature request so that we can have a way for users to have their data stored without email fields being necessary in signup forms.


I would recommend checking out the legacy popup help documentation to see if you and your developers could find a way to store and collect data through third-party means. If you do find a solution, please feel free to share your findings with the Community here!


Hope you have a great rest of your day!