Feature Request: Add the options for asterisks for required fields in a form.

  • 30 June 2022
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It would be great to have the option to add an asterisk after the label on a required field within a form. Right now the only option to do so it by typing it into the label. 

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Hi @Kristen B


Thanks for sharing your voice with us! 


While you definitely can type an asterisk into the Label field i.e. instead of ‘First Name’ → ‘First Name* to convey that this is a required field in the form, it should be noted that if you tick the ‘Required’ box tick in your Form Builder to require a user to fill out this field, they will be shown the red boxes below and see that the field is required before moving onto the next step! 

a form setting a form builder

what the customer sees on your website when skipping a required step


Wanted to point this out in case your hadn’t yet tested this out! However, thank you for sharing your voice and opinion with us!