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  • 6 February 2023
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Hi All,

I was wondering if is it possible to add a sign-up-section to my Shopify homepage, so it is easy for the customer to write its´ e-mail. E.g. a section in the footer, or somewhere else on the page. Shopify does have this opportunity for its own system, but I want it through Klaviyo.

My problem today is that we have two separate systems for newsletter etc (Shopify + Klaviyo). The best would be to merge these two into one.

Thank you.


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Hi @Filip, welcome to the community!

I realize it seems hard to manage both Shopify and Klaviyo, but I think if you keep in mind that once Shopify and Klaviyo are properly integrated via the Shopify Integration, all your Shopify customers are synced to Klaviyo as profiles.  Furthermore, if you specify a Klaviyo List in the Shopify integration settings (Integrations → Enabled Integrations → Shopify View Settings), all email signups from Shopify (from any Shopify Forms, Checkout, etc) will be in a List you specify.  It’s sort of a catch-all system that puts all Shopify emails into a List.

You can see that here:

If you want to use Klaviyo Signup Forms and take advantage of all Klaviyo Signup Form features (Drag and drop design, A/B testing, targeting, etc), you can use an “embedded sign up form” anywhere on your Shopify Theme.  Here’s some helpful documentation that goes into the details of how to do that:

Just note, you can place a Klaviyo embedded form just about anywhere on the site, the only exception on Shopify is the Checkout opt-in and User Account Registration.  Specifying the List in the Shopify Integration will bring those folks into Klaviyo in the designated List.

Here’s a few other related Community Posts that might be useful:

Hope this help and come back to the community if you have more questions!