Why aren't my form Submissions aren't going to my connected segment?

  • 10 July 2022
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I have a little query where I need your help .

I have set up the embedded form with radio button options, now I want to create segments based on the options picked by the customers. I have set it up, however when I test it, people are added to the list but not the segment.

Where did I go wrong. Appreciate your help.


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Just want to check - did you setup your Radio Button answers to save to a certain profile property and also created options for each answer?


Like in the example above, you have a Value for each Label and if someone was to pick ‘Question Two?’ it would save the ‘Survey One’ field in their profile as ‘Option 2’.

When you go to create your segment, do your Values show as selectable to segment from? In this example it’d look like - Properties About Someone - ‘Survey 1’ equals ‘Option 2.

And that’d populate all of those users who selected that option.

Segments also do have a bit of a delay, so give it 10-15 minutes per opt-in to showcase.


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Hi @MM6


@Spark Bridge Digital LLC is spot on here in investigating how you set up your profile property values in your form and how you set up your segment’s conditions. If your segment conditions aren’t configured correctly, that would explain why the correct members aren’t added to the specific list. I would check out  these additional resources to learn more about how these Klaviyo features work: 


Hope this helps!