Why does my popup form show the wrong colours "bleeding" through?

  • 26 November 2020
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Hey Klaviyo community! I’m having some issues with colours bleeding through on my popup forms.. specifically the green around the “X” and “shop now”.. I have all the form background colours and button colours set to be the two tones of red / pink and green doesn’t show up anywhere in the settings for this particular form and they don’t seem to be the colours that would bleed through from the background page either.. so i’m a bit stumped what I’m doing wrong here… 




Preview in Klaviyo looks like this:



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3 replies

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Hey @weswecan , this is usually an issue with your on site CS conflicting with our form CS. Unfortunately, if your site CS is overriding our CS, there isn’t anything Klaviyo can do for that. This would likely require your developer to look into using the inspector tool and playing around with styling. 

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Thanks for the help.. It was a CSS issue from Shopify.

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Hi @weswecan - thanks so much for following up and sharing what the root cause issue was! We’re glad to hear you were able to identify it, and hopefully its all fixed now. Also, love seeing that your Double Yay Day promoted Community Food Centres Canada - what a great way to give back to your community and bring awareness to food insecurity. 

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