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  • 17 August 2021
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Does anyone know if there is a way to drop in custom HTML into the pop-up form builder? I know you can do this in the email template building when you hit <source> but is there any workaround for the pop-ups?


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Hi @kurban93 ,


Thanks for posting your question to the Community! In order to add custom HTML to a pop-up form, it would have to not be a Klaviyo prebuilt form. In order to edit the HTML of a form you would need to use a Klaviyo Legacy sign up form.  These forms will not use our new signup from builder will output the full form to HTML which can be edited.  

With our legacy forms, we provide you with the form code so that you can do what you please. Take a look at our guide on our legacy form here: Add and Customize a Legacy Popup.


Hope this helped!


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You should add a function where you could add a countdown timer to the signup form.. in that way many of us could just add the counter and get on with other tasks.. not allowing us to customize our text fields in our signup forms (popup on-site) is just wierd? :)

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Hi @Patrick Hoffmann,

Unfortunately we do not support dynamic countdown clocks at this time so it will need to be uploaded just as an image instead of a Source of a Text block like how you can in an Email Template. However, we do have an entire HC article related to How to add a countdown timer to your emails and signup forms I suggest you check out too.




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Hi @alex.hong,

We already use CountdownMail but the issue is that the only way to insert the counter within our signup form is by image (GIF) and that doesn’t update from time to time.. If we could insert the embed code we would be home safe by the end of the day ;)