How does Klaviyo know who's who?

  • 24 January 2023
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So I have a couple forms that i only want to present to certain people in my lists. I know there is the option to only show to certain lists and segments, but how does this work.


For example if I had a person sign up for email on their phone. How can I ensure they see the right forms on there other devices? Or is that not possible?


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Within the pop up builder you have the option not to show to existing klaviyo profiles. Or you can create a segment and use the consent form id property to determine whether you show or dont show to certain profiles.




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Hi @jbey,

What you're asking is how does Klaviyo know who's on the website. Klaviyo does this with their own tracking scripts. Once someone signs up or once an email address is known Klaviyo identifies that user. 

Once the user is identified everything works as you've configured.

There are a couple of ways a user can be identified i.e.

  • signing up through a popup
  • clicking from an email (which contains unique url's that identifies someone) and going to the website
  • Going to the checkout
  • Signing in there account on a shop (if configured)

Don't forget a user will not stay identified forever. With all the antitracking and privacy options this can be influenced as well. Making sure you're sending regular emails is a good practice in this specific case.


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