Is there a way to create a forn that shows up after the 3rd page a customer visits?

  • 25 June 2022
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I created a Popup for my Shopify shop that I need it to load on the 3rd page with a delay of 8seconds that the  customer is browsing. Is this possible to do in Klaviyo pls?


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Hi @Marcamilleri, welcome to the community.

Although you can set the delay of 8 seconds, there’s not a direct way to have it popup up on the “3rd page visit.” You might want to consider some type of URL matching (example, on a collection page or a product page, etc).  

However, if you do have technical resources available, you can create custom code that can invoke the popup using the “Custom Trigger” option. Its implementation is a bit out scope here, but the idea is to keep track of “page view count” in a session or cookie and when/if it hits the 3rd page, you call the function to show the popup. The technical reference for Custom triggered popup/flyouts is here:

Alternatively, there are some third party Klaviyo Tech Partners that have Popup and email capture tools that might have more robust capabilities if you want to go that route.  Here’s a list of Email Capture tools to consider:

Hope that helps!


Thanks @retention