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Hi all,


I have recently installed this app and i am aware in can be integrated with Klaviyo. My flow is setup to trigger if someone enters their email into the newsletter section but as this app works independently all the data collected so far does not carry over to Klaviyo. Am i right in assuming once i install the integration that all the data captured by the app will transfer to Klaviyo and trigger the flows?


Hope this makes sense? 


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Hello @DonA,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community.

Since this is a 3rd party app, there is no guarantee that it will work “out of the box” and automatically sync users to a Klaviyo list (and trigger a flow). With that said, if you notice users are not being added to Klaviyo after filling this form, I recommend reading our article: How to Redirect Existing Signup Forms to Klaviyo. This article provides a number of solutions, including how to re-direct a custom form, use a Klaviyo subscribe URL to re-direct a form, and also provides a link to a list of 3rd party sign-up forms Klaviyo has built out documentation for (also linking that list of forms directly here).

I also recommend reviewing our article on the double opt-in process which will likely apply when folks fill out the One+ Sales sign-up form.

I hope this helps. Have a great weekend.

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Thanks for the repsone. It seems to be working now but I have missed some opportunites. Unless I am mistaken, I would now need to create a new flow with a seperate list that contained the customers that were not added initially for me to include those missing? 

Is there a way of duplicating the current flow, and adding a specific trigger and list to it? Also what about the back populate feature , is this an option ?



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Hello @DonA,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, your best bet to scoop up those that have submitted is to export them from One+ Sales, and re-import them into your existing Klaviyo list. We have instructions on uploading them to a Klaviyo list here. Keep in mind, when you upload these email addresses to a Klaviyo list, it will trigger the flow based on the list. 

Alternatively, you can upload them to a separate list (using the same doc for importing people via .csv I hyperlinked earlier) and then clone your existing flow. When you clone, you’ll have the option to link the cloned flow to a net-new list (if you wish). And you can re-design the emails or change whatever you’d like with the cloned version of the flow and then when you’re ready to dispatch the cloned flow to these folks, you can backpopulate it using the bottom radio button: “Schedule recipients relative to when you click back-populate”. That will queue-up everybody from the top of the flow and move them through.

I hope that helps! Thanks and have a wonderful day.