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Hi, I’m hoping you can help with this one - I have an issue with the Opt-In Confirmed pages.

What’s happening is that when a user clicks the confirm link in the Email Confirmation and opens the Opt-In Confirmed page for the first time, the Review your email preferences link displays below the text (this is working correctly)

However, if the user refreshes the page, or clicks on the confirm link in the email again, the Review your email preferences link is missing. 


This is an issue as the text above the link currently says:

Thanks for confirming your email address! If you'd like to change your subscription, you can update your preferences with the link below.

but the preferences link doesn’t consistently show.


Is this expected behaviour (in which case we will update the text on the confirmation page) or should the preferences link be showing at all times?



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Hello @JamesWMW,

Thank you for sharing this observation with us! This certainly does seem to be an odd behavior with the confirmation page. I’m going to share this case with our Engineering team to further investigate!

If your goal was to allow your customers to update their preferences, in the meantime, I would recommend including one of the many Manage Preference options within the first email of your Welcome Series flow triggered off of customers being added to this list to update their preference. 

You can either include the {% manage_preferences %} syntax directly in your text which would display as “Manage Preference” as a hyperlink or alternative you can use {% manage_preferences_link %} as a link URL for a button block . You can learn more about using different forms of this Manage Preference syntax from the Template Tags and Variable Syntax article. 

Much appreciated on this observation and for being a member of our Klaviyo Community!



Hi - Thanks for your reply. 


We’re going to look at adding a “Manage preference” link to the bottom of our first Welcome Series email, and then update the copy on our confirmation page so that it doesn’t reference the preferences link in case it hasn’t loaded.


Thanks for your help.