Total amount of sign ups for a form doesn't match the total submitted form

  • 29 January 2021
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Hello! I set up a new form, connected it to the correct list, and placed it on my website. Within a few hours of that, Klaviyo put my account on hold. I saw I had a few form submissions since embedding it on my website. Once my account was reviewed and accepted, I could finally see the actual sign ups on that list. Surprisingly, it was just me on the list – when I had tested the form after my account was accepted. The number of sign ups still had a higher number. Since my account was under review for a short period time and I was driving people to my site, did I lose those sign ups?

2 replies

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@lisaburford - I’m not sure what happens when a Klaviyo Account is under review or suspended, but if your submits are higher than your emails, consider two possibilities:

  • An email can only be in any Klaviyo List exactly once.  If people try to submit (to the same List) a second time (or more) your email count won’t go up, but your submit action might increment.
  • If you have Double-Optin enabled, people who submit may not have confirmed in their email (yet).  So there could a be discrepancy here as well.

If you find out why there was a discrepancy, let us know!

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This has happened to me too. I have noticed that only people who “confirm” their email will only be registered to the segment I made. Is there a solution to this? Is it possible to easily get the email of registrants even without them confirming it in their email? Also, where do the registrant’s number go? I can’t find it.