Trigger a Post-Purchase Signup Form?


I’m trying to trigger a pop-up signup form (a short customer survey) on Shopify that shows on the “Thank You” page immediately after a customer places an order.

I currently have “Display by URL” activated, with “Only show on certain URL’s” selected, containing the string “/thank_you” (this is the page string that Shopify creates automatically), but upon purchase completion, the form is still not showing.

Is there some sort of rule against this because it’s part of the checkout flow? Or am I approaching this the wrong way?


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Hi @lefong - welcome to the community!

I think your suspicions are correct, the Thank You page and other Checkout related pages are directly hosted on Shopify and may not have the proper Klaviyo.js code necessary for the Signup Form to work.  I think you can try adding it manually in the Shopify Checkout Additional Scripts section and see if it works.  I think there are other work arounds if you are on Shopify Plus. 

Let us know what you find out!


@retention - thank you!!