Trying to create a sign-up form step for collecting addresses

  • 14 February 2022
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I am trying to create a sign-up form to send free samples to customer.

1st step - Name and Email ID

2nd step - Address

Success - Thank you.

My issue is in 2nd step, where address field is not taking as many characters, so the addresses are coming incomplete. Also I want Address 1, Address 2, City, PIN code lines but they are not coming through at all. The fields cannot be resized or moved, in other words I cant change the layout of the form. I have chosen text input block for these. Pls help!! - if you want to check the website (I have withdrawn the form for the time being)


Update: I have done something and looks like it is working. Fingers crossed!


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Hi there @NamitaSP,

Welcome to the Community!

I’m glad to hear you found a solution. But I also wanted to share with you some resources regarding signup forms that I recommend if you have not seen them already.

Guide to Form Blocks and Fields and Signup Form Troubleshooting are great places to look if you are seeing issues or have confusion with how data can be entered on certain areas.




Thank You Alex,

Also, I see the form does not automatically trigger the subscription. An email comes to confirm it. Is it possible to bypass the step of 2nd level confirmation coming in the inbox or can I, at least edit that email?



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Hi @NamitaSP,

I believe you are referring to the double opt-in process that allows users to confirm their subscription / sign up from your pages. You can enable single opt-in instead to bypass this and we have a documentation covering why double could be beneficial. A reason that I see many keep this on is of course to deter spam bots from flooding your forms.

If you wanted to customize the pages, then I would follow the steps in this help center article!


Hope this helped!