Why am I seeing an Integrations Setting Error Message in my Collect Subscribers Checkbox?

  • 21 February 2021
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Hi, I’m having some challenges with email sign-ups to my default Shopify footer sign up not being added to my On-site Newsletter Sign Up list. 

I’ve ensured that both double-opt in (Shopify and Klaviyo) have been turned off. 

When I sign up with a test email, it is creating a customer profile in Shopify AND within Klaviyo, however that profile isn’t being added to a list. 

I noticed that within my Shopify integration tab, the below “Collect Subscribers” checkbox is currently unchecked; but when I check it and select the list, it comes up with the error “We are unable to update your integration settings….”

Is anyone able to advise on this please? Thanks :) 



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6 replies


Hi! I am having the exact same problem since yesterday. Please let me know if you found a solution? Thanks so much!


Hi, I'm having the same issue as well. Can't find any solution to this.


So, any solution to this? I'd love to use Klaviyo but because of this it's currently not worth it..

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Nope - no solution offered yet. :(

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Hi @tomyoungs@TJD, and @sultany 

Thanks so much for sharing this experience on the Community forum with us, and thanks for your patience as we investigated this further. This particular issue of the error message “We are unable to update your integration settings at this time. Please refresh or try again later.” was identified as bug by the Klaviyo engineering team, and a fix was released today to address this. If this is still an issue that is occurring for you, please let us know. 



Thank you @cassy.lee, just tried it again and it now it works!