How Do I Collect SMS Consent and Phone Numbers from Previous Purchasers?

  • 28 December 2020
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Good day everyone! My name is Dayo, a digital marketing guru.
I have some issues after setting up my opt-in form on my klaviyo for some of my previous buyers, I created a segment for them which will allow me to schedule a campaign requestng their consent to receive text from me. But after sending out the campaign the opt-in form was not display to them after they click on the CTA button to drop their contact.
Kindly assist me on what to do.


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@cassy.lee  hope you’re well.  I am looking at a similar thing and I want to collect SMS consent from existing email subscribers.  I understand the concept of creating a sign up form that targets customers in a specific list, but my question is: 

How does the customer reach that form?  Is it only possible from an email footer?  Or do they reach the sign up form, enter email and then are displayed SMS consent?  I am a bit confused about the customer journey for this.  I have read the guide suggested article but it isn’t clear to me how we get the form to the customer.  Help appreciated - thanks 

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Hello @SophiaDenham,

Your existing subscribers can reach this signup form and provide SMS consent through navigating to your website such as if they were brought to it from a link in an email you sent them or if they organically went to your website. If you already had a signup form which was targeting your existing subscribers and members who were part of a list, the signup form would only appear for these users. Customers who are not a part of the Klaviyo list would not receive the form when they navigate to your website. 

In addition, you also have the capability to target specific URLs within the form’s Behaviors settings. This would allow you to target specific URLs of your store to have the form appear. A use case for this would be if you were sending a promotional email through a campaign which has links directing customers to a sales page which you can create a signup form to target. To learn more about the various signup form settings available to you, I would suggest reviewing the Overview of the Signup Form Builder Help Center Article. 

In addition to using signup forms to entice your existing customers and subscribers to provide SMS consent, another alternative would be to use a click-to text banner within your email outreaches as detailed in the Click-to-Text Email Banners subsection of the Guide to Collecting SMS Consent article. Using this banner would allow your customers to provide SMS consent by either clicking on the banner and texting into your SMS number if they were viewing the email on a mobile device or by manually sending a text to your SMS number when viewing the email on a desktop device. 

I hope this helps!


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Hi  yes that helps a lot thank you! you’re awesome! 

what I am confused about is if the user goes to the form organically from the website, and we want to target customers in a specific list, how does Klaviyo know who the customer is and whether they are already in a specific list?  maybe a dumb question sorry.

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@mumphasel01 Hi Dayo, great to meet you and thanks for joining the Klaviyo Community! If you have any screenshots of your form, I’d recommend sharing it (without including any private info like Account ID or email addresses), as that would help to generally troubleshoot. 

If you haven’t already reviewed this article, I recommend reading this Guide to Collecting SMS Consent - specifically, there’s a section that calls out how to include SMS collection in a signup form. When creating this signup form, its important to use the right buttons in the form to ensure the right information is being captured on the profile properties. 

If you would like to collect phone numbers from your existing subscribers, there’s a guide on how to create a form to target this segment in this article.

Lastly, you may already know this, but if you want to add SMS subscribers to a list that has double opt-in enabled, you must first set up SMS. Otherwise someone who subscribes will never receive the text that allows them to confirm their consent. You can see the full guide to setting up SMS in this article.

 Hope this is helpful information! 

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Hey @SophiaDenham,

Not at all! That is a great question!

Klaviyo is able to understand that your customers are in a specific list and knows to serve them a signup form even if they organically navigated to your website through cookies. Whenever a contact provides you an email address that is then synced to Klaviyo, these contacts become cookied which Klaviyo can later use to identify if they were on a list when they return back to your site. 

For example, if a contact subscribes through a form and ends up in your list, their browser would then become cookied. When this contacts organically navigates to your website, Klaviyo will understand this customer is a returning visitor and is able to then trigger both an Active onsite event and display any signup forms that are meant to target these customers or omit and hide any signup forms to these returning customers. You can learn more about how Klaviyo cookies contacts from the Klaviyo Web Tracking and About Cookies in Klaviyo Help Center Articles. 

On top of this, cookies are also applied wen your customers click onto an email you’ve already sent them. This is helpful if your customer opens and clicks on an email on an alternate device such as their mobile phone which was not originally cookied but now is. This is also what allows Klaviyo to properly apply Conversion Tracking and attribute revenue to the same contact despite purchasing on a different device. 

Also keep in mind though that if a contact were to visit your site using an incognito/private browser or if the customer has cleared their cache and cookies, the customer’s browsers would no longer be cookied. This means Klaviyo would be unable to identify these visitors anymore and that the form you had targeted to these contacts would not appear. Or Vice versa, if you had a signup form utilizing the Don't show again after submit form or go to URL action or Don’t show to existing Klaviyo profiles setting which is mean to prevent the signup form from appearing to existing contacts/profiles; the form would display for these visitors. 

Have a great day!