Why is my SMS Flow not triggering?

  • 1 April 2021
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Hi Klaviyo Community - I recently set up SMS collection with a signup form. The signup form works perfectly, appearing as a fly-in after 15 seconds of browsing our site on mobile. However, once a customer opts-in to SMS, and received the initial confirmation message, the flow does not trigger. I set up the flow today, and when I preview the trigger, it shows the phone # I signed up with and says this # is eligible to enter my SMS flow. However, no phone #s entered the flow. Does anyone know why the signup form would be working, adding customers mobile #s to the SMS list, and then the trigger “joined SMS list” is active on the flow, but customers are not entering? Is it because I just set up the flow a few hours ago? Thanks!


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2 replies

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I figured it out - there was just a significant delay! Thank you :)

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Hi @jeffhandler

Thanks so much for sharing your question with the Community and following up on the thread with your answer.

We're glad to hear you were able to figure it out so quickly! It's super valuable when Klaviyo users are able to share their learnings, since there are likely many other business owners and brand builders that might have the same question in the future. Appreciate your contribution and have a fantastic rest of your week.