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  • 17 March 2023
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Hi, I’m from a company that develops product feeds for different platforms including Klaviyo.

In the specification: (

it doesn’t state how the price should be formatted (other than it shouldn’t include currency), but what about the decimal separator?


If the price 11 dollars and 95 cents, how should it the be displayed?

11,95 or 11.95


Hope my question make sense :)


Best answer by Brian Turcotte 20 March 2023, 20:54

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3 replies

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Hi @jacobmolby!


@retention’s intuition was spot on, per usual. Right now, we only accept number values (like prices) in decimal format. Good call on the specs - I will make a request to the team that handles our documentation to have that included ✅.


Thanks for using the Community!


- Brian

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@retention Thanks that’s also what we do now (since it’s an american platform), I just wanted to be sure since most of our customers are from the european mainland where 11,95 is the most common format.


But an official answer would be nice (and it should probably be added to the spec.)

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Hi @jacobmolby, welcome to the community!

For what it’s worth, and with a bit of selection bias here, I’ve only seen it represented as a decimal (e.g. 11.95).  If you look at the examples in the API, all the numeric and float values are represented this way - so I’m at least confident that would work. If it is indifferent to your code, I’d just use decimals instead of commas unless there are some regionalization/localization requirements. 

Interested to hear an official answer here!