Access to Coupons from API


Is there any plans to allow access to Coupon Codes via an API?

We have a number of integrations that are providing a lot of loyalty like functionality but without automation of the loading and use of coupons they are limited. 

We have an external process for getting dynamic coupon codes generated. However without an API we are down to having to load them into Klaviyo through a CSV Import each time. Yes in 2023. There is no API support for uploading coupons yet.

How do we check how many codes we have left to be used?   This requires us to be able to get the current codes loaded and also identify those that are “used up” This is not in the current Klaviyo API.
But you can see it in the interface of Klaviyo easily.

It seems that adding this API would be relatively easy as we just need what is in the front end to be exposed. Unfortunately coupons are not an example of “API-Led Development”

Does any one else need this?


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Hi @TranslatorHQ , this is a bit of a workaround idea for you, but the Gatsby app (my company) hits the Shopify Coupon Code API to generate or import Shopify codes, and then syncs these codes to Klaviyo profiles as custom properties, so they can be added to the Flows. Not sure if its gets at what you need, but you could look into Gatsby as your coupon code generator / sales tracker and could likely bypass the manual import process you’re doing. The codes wouldn’t track in Klaviyo though, so something to deeper dive with me on.



Thanks for this, unfortunately our customers would all be in your HIGH GROWTH pricing so it will be hard to get the spend approved. They are primarily looking for Klaviyo coupons to replace / complement Loyalty systems like Loyalty Lion / Yotpo etc.


Anyone else think an API would be a good idea if it does not exist?





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Hi @TranslatorHQ!


A Klaviyo coupon API is a highly request feature, so I can assure you that our Product team is aware and considering this for functionality for the future!

I will update the thread if there are any updates!