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  • 28 November 2021
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Hi all. This is probably a basic question, but I’m new to the partner portal. I have a managed account that’s been approved and is in my list of managed accounts. I cannot figure out how to get into that account and do some work.  I can’t click on the client account and there doesn’t seem to be any way to get in.  

Help, please.  Thank you!


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Hey @marxxns,

The link found in an account invitation email is unique and meant to allow you to create an account if you don’t already have one. I would imagine what transpired was that someone added you to their Klaviyo account by sending an invitation to an email you own that wasn’t associated with any Klaviyo yet. By clicking into the invitation email, it would allow you to create a password for the new account. 

Once created, since you may have already been logged into your existing Klaviyo account, you would have been brought to a normal Klaviyo interface and out of the unique account creation/password creation portal. In order to access this other Klaviyo account, you’ll want to log out from Klaviyo and sign back in with the Klaviyo account using this alternate email address you own that was invited and the password you created. 


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Yes, makes sense. But in that case why did Klaviyo allow me to create my partner account by entering my name and password as if it was different? 


Once I did create the partner account, it just took me to my original Klaviyo account with a completely different email address and my client’s account never showed. Do I have to use that same email of the original account for when client’s need to add me?

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Hello @marxxns,

I would suggest double checking and making sure your client is adding the correct email address associated with your Klaviyo account.

If you’ve clicked onto the invitation email and were prompted to create a password and enter a name despite already having a Klaviyo account, this may indicate a new Klaviyo account was created and linked to your client’s account under that email address they provided. This would also explain why upon logging in, you don’t see access to it in your account’s dropdown menu. 


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Still not solved. They added me once. I created my password and put my name then it just took me to my normal Klaviyo dashboard. I looked at the accounts and they were not there. Yet it said I confirmed access.


I told them to delete me and re-add me and same thing happened.

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@harry_vinnaz, I apologize but I don’t think I’m understanding correctly.

What I’ll say for the moment is if you want to access a client’s Klaviyo account, you’ll want to have the account owner or an admin user in the account add you as a user so you can access that client’s Klaviyo account. How to Add Users and Manage Permissions

That may not be the response you were looking for so feel free to follow up here.

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Hi there,

Just to confirm, we can login to the clients account directly, or can they create a user for us within their account?

I had a user for myself in a client’s account, and it was not letting me add them as a managed account, because I already had access.

I’m worried now if they give me access again, I will lose them as a managed client.

Please confirm,


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Hi @DMPartners, we’re glad you went ahead and submitted your managed client in your Partner Portal which was confirmed by the account owner! If you’re looking to access the account, you’ll need to log in to their Klaviyo account as your normally would. The partner portal and Klaviyo app are agnostic of each other as the portal is meant to manage your lead submissions, add managed customers, and access the additional enablement materials and collateral while the Klaviyo app is where you actually work with your clients’ Klaviyo accounts. 

Hope this makes helps shed some light on why you were unable to access the account from the portal.