Can l use 2 email addresses for 2 intergrations? PLEASE HELP!!

  • 14 November 2022
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Hi, l am posting here as a final plea that somebody here in the community may be able to help me! l have 2 stores on the platform Shopify to which l have linked the Klaviyo app to both, l want to set up pop ups and flows etc for both but the problem is Klaviyo are only letting me use one email address for both intergrations now ordinarily this would not be a problem how ever one of the stores is a pet supply store and the other is an 18+ store so l obviously can not have an adult store email going to a pet supply store and vice versa but everytime l try to add a new email for each store the platform uses that same email for both intergrations! Is there any way l can use each companies dedicated email address in Klaviyo? l have tried contacting support by email but l am getting nowhere.

Thank you in advance!


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Thanks for sharing this with us.

If you’re not doing so already, my first recommendation is to use two separate Klaviyo accounts, one for each of these stores. That will keep all of your account information for the pet store and the adult store separate. 

Also keep in mind, when you first sign up for your Klaviyo account, the name and email you use to create your account are set to your default sender name and your default sender email address. The sender email is the email your customers will see in their inbox (which I think is what you’re referring to here as the same for both accounts). When you create a new campaign or flow, these values autopopulate with the default settings. 


You can update your default sender name and sender email address from navigating to: Account & Billing > Contact Information > Organization. Updating your default sender name label or sender email address only affects emails going forward. If you want to update existing flows or campaigns, you have to make these updates manually. We have more information on email defaults here

I’m assuming when you say “email” this is what you’re referring to. It sounds like you may be adding a new user to the second store or adding a net-new campaign or flow email, and so updating the sender name and address would remedy this for those particular emails. 

Let me know if that helps. If I’m not understanding this correctly, feel free to elaborate and we’ll work on another solution.