How can I be upgraded to the owner of an account from a prior user permission?

  • 17 March 2023
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Hi Klaviyo Community,


This is a weird one and I’m hoping someone can help me. 


Many years ago I helped a brand optimize the copywriting of their e-mails and was invited to the brands paid Klaviyo account. 


I signed up with my e-mail address and all worked super well. 


I then forgot I had opened that account and last year opened a Klaviyo account with my business domain. 


I want to make use of the 1st Klaviyo account for another business. So I did the normal, forgot password and reset it successfully.


I then returned to the log in screen and accessed my original account but I have very limited access. I can see that my user permission is set to “content creator” but I’m the owner of this account too as it’s linked to my e-mail address. The first name on the account is mine but the name of the account is the friends account I was originally invited too. 


Could anyone help me understand how to get owner access on an account that belongs to me?


Thanks if you got this far!


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hi there @smileyrox


Thanks for sharing your question with us! Sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing this login frustration, happy to help! 


Yes, because  your role listed in the original account limits your access and ability, you are not able to do this on your own.


In order to transfer account ownership, you’ll need to contact the ‘old owner’ and have them follow these steps listed in our documentation on transferring account ownership and then follow the next step listed further down  to make sure the transition is wrapped up nice and neat:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Users
  2. Click Settings and select Users from the dropdown.
  3. Click into the name of the user you want to make an owner. 
  4. Open the User Role dropdown.
  5. Select Owner


Thanks for participating in the Community!