How do I configure an Mageplaza extension to send my transactional emails via Klaviyo?

  • 22 March 2022
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I am trying to configure a Mageplaza extension to send my transactional emails via Klaviyo, currently my transactional emails are being sent via my current email provider but I need the > Support Host name and IP Address > Port > Protocol > Authentication > Username > Password - any ideas how I go about this please?


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5 replies

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This was the reply from support:



Hi Marc,

Thanks for reaching out to Klaviyo Support about this, my name is Kalie and I would be happy to guide in the right direction on this! 
Unfortunately, Klaviyo does not work with SMTP servers. If you are looking to send things like order confirmations or other store-related emails via Klaviyo, this can be done by using Klaviyo Flows
You can trigger emails using the existing metrics in your account like "Placed Order" or "Fulfilled Order." Or, if you want to set up a different trigger, a basic setup would be as follows:

1. Use the Track API to pass an event into your Klaviyo account. This event can have properties of its own as well as customer (recipient) properties. The data for these API calls must be encoded in base64 format - or you could make use one of our SDKs in Python/Ruby/PHP and NodeJS. All documentation about the track API as well as the SDKs can be found here:

Example of an event passed in could be "Placed Order" or "Requested password reset".

2. Create a metric triggered flow using this new custom event that got added to your account

3. Use the template editor to add the custom fields data to your email

4. Finish up setting the flow by using filters/conditional logic if necessary or just by setting the email to live or manual mode.

Here is a video one of our solutions architects has made as well to explain Track API usage: You may make use of the Klaviyo API reference guide as well. 

Some advantages of using Track API + Flows include:

- Emails can be marked as transactional
- You will get access to analytics and advanced reports on your email sends
- You can segment profiles based on the event data

Please take a moment to review the guides that have been linked throughout this email and do reach back out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Klaviyo Support

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Hi @marctyson70,

Thanks for the update. I believe support will have a better chance to figure out what might be going on with your integrations as they can take a deeper dive into your account.

Please keep us updated on what might be going on.


Thank you!


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I have contacted Mageplaza and they are stating that I need to get the SMTP Host details from Klaviyo direct ……..

Awaiting a reply from Klaviyo support.

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Hello Alex @alex.hong,

Many thanks for you answer.

We have fully integrated with Magento 2. I have attached a screenshot of our current SMTP configuration with Mailjet.

I will contact Mageplaza to see if they can give me further assistance.

Obviously I don't really want to be creating new transactional email flows when these have already been set up within the Magento 2 framework.

Best wishes


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Hi there @marctyson70,

Welcome to the Community!

Can i confirm that you have integrated completely with Magento 2 and have updated everything to the latest version? Do you mind sharing a screenshot of the error message or where the road block is occurring? 

Unfortunately, since the mageplaza extension is not directly on the site and not something we normally track from M2, it would need to be custom tracked via API. I would also recommend speaking to their respective support team to see if they have additional docs/insight into getting it synced with your Magento and Klaviyo integrations.

Here is the data Klaviyo natively syncs from Magento. You will need to send over the reward point data separately either with an event or as profile properties with our identify API. Here is our Track and Identify API reference guide.


Hope that helped,