Klaviyo Attributed Revenue

  • 26 March 2024
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How useful is the Klaviyo Attributed Value metric for you? 
Do you track it month on month as a North Star or consider it as an inflated number and use your own attribution logic?

2 replies

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Yes @SJ_IIMA , I track Klaviyo's Attributed Value, but I recognize it has limitations.  Like many attribution models based solely on last touch, it can be inflated, especially with heavy discounts or promotions in Klaviyo campaigns.

For a more accurate picture of email-attributed revenue, I utilize a multi-touch attribution tool like Triple Whale. This allows me to see how various touchpoints (including Klaviyo emails) contribute to conversions, providing a more in depth view of the customer journey.

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Klaviyo Attributed Value, also known as Klaviyo Attributed Revenue can be very useful depending on the settings you use for it. Your settings can determine how accurate it reflects your attributed revenue, but it is also very useful to have another platform/ tool tracking your revenue accurately to measure it's (Klaviyo Attributed Revenue) accuracy.

We track our campaigns revenues and report on their performance after a week so at the end of the month we can see which campaigns performed the best knowing where the revenue is attribute to and allowing us to track it if something is off. So you can get inflated numbers but you need to find settings that work for your email program and be able to accurately attend to any inflated numbers knowing which campaign to look at.