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  • 25 June 2021
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If I have an account with 500,000 sends per month how much does it cost me if I send 720,000?


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Hello @almaon10,

Great question!

Klaviyo’s billing plans are based on both the number of active profiles in your account as well as the number of messages sent to that number. To find the plan that is most appropriate for you, I would recommend taking a look at the How Klaviyo Bills Customers for Emails article that Klaviyo offers to further understand how Klaviyo bills. 

I’d also suggest reaching out to Klaviyo’s sales team regarding specific account pricing by requesting a demo from the top right of the home page or by going to

Typically, if you wanted to send 720,000 emails within a given month, this would be covered under Klaviyo’s $950 plan which offers support up to 75,000 contacts and up to 750,000 email sends per month. 

I hope this helps!


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thank you so much for the quick response! So if I have the USD 700 plan and I wish to pass the sendings I must upgrade my plan? Or do you have an enterprise plan?

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That is correct!

If you are on the existing $700 plan and wish to increase your sending limit, you would need to upgrade your plan to one that best suits your sending limit. Once your plan has been upgraded, you should see your sending limit automatically update and increase under the Account’s Overview page. 

I would also note that if this was a temporary sending limit increase to keep in mind to downgrade your plan before the end of your billing cycle else your plan would renew under the upgraded plan cost. Klaviyo will not provide a refund for the difference should you downgrade back to your original plan past your renewal date once the new billing cycle has started. This is detailed in the How Klaviyo Bills Customers for Emails article:

It is important to note that we do not provide refunds for downgrades, as outlined in our Terms of Service. When you downgrade, that change takes effect immediately and not at the end of the billing cycle.


Have a great day!