Sending Customer to second klaviyo account

  • 7 November 2023
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we have two Klaviyo accounts. 
One is linked and contains all customer data. 
We use this account to send campaigns etc. 

We want to offer our customers added value and only send educational content with the other account. 

Is there a way to send the customer data from our first account to the other? 

Thank you very much for your help. 



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5 replies

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I’m pretty sure you could do this by creating a different list within your first account just for that purpose.

Alternatively setting up your preference page to include ‘Educational content’ as a preference.

Then only sending the content to those who’ve requested it or are part of the new list.

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Hey JamesDonn, 


thanks for the response. 


But what does that mean exactly? 

How exactly could I use a list to connect the two accounts? 


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Well, I wouldn’t have the two accounts, just a single account with two lists for different purposes.

Apart from sending different content is there a difference between the two accounts?

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Yes, both belong to the company group, but are different companys. 

So I have two Main Accounts, but just one of them is connected to all the customer data etc. 


And that is why I like to send every customer, who for example purchased a certain product, will be transfered to the second account for another content which I can not send with the first account. 



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Ah I see. In that case using a preference centre on the first (sales) account, you could then potentially trigger a Zapier automation that then adds the user to your other account.

You’ve probably need a separate list in your first account that users would ‘subscribe’ to, but this would just be used to trigger the event.

Then you can add subscriber to a different Klaviyo account in the next step.