Switching to a new Shopify store

  • 31 July 2022
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Hello all, 

We have had a Shopify/Klaviyo integration for about a year. We are in the process of emigrating to a new a Shopfiy store. I supposed I will need to deactivate the current integration, install the Klaviyo app in the new store and re-connect Klaviyo. 


Are there any best practices or suggestion about how to go about this?


I am worried about customer being added twice….flows being disrupted...issues I may not even be aware of? 


Welcome any/all feedback here.

Thanks in advance





Best answer by alex.hong 2 August 2022, 21:22

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This is going to be cumbersome. Is the new store same with just the name change or does it have different products? Depending on that, you might want to analyze your current flows. There may be triggers & conditions set-up based on the current products & collections which can break.

Your dynamic segments might also get impacted if they are created on shopify variables.

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Hi @marc10,

Welcome to the Community.

I would recommend checking out some articles we have regarding moving Shopify stores. No data or progress will be lost in Klaviyo if you disable or remove an integration. If the Shopify store was connected to a different Klaviyo account then it's possible that the injected Klaviyo tracking script from the previous Klaviyo account will still be present. However, when the Shopify store is integrated again we can double check on our end and remove any duplicate scripts.


Hope this helped,


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Thank @alex.hong.

In the community response you linked to it says:


It may be worth removing all metrics in the Klaviyo account from store A prior to integrating store B so that you do not get confused by having 2 Shopify metrics for each event (2 Shopify placed order events, 2 shopify started checkout events, etc.). Only do this if you already have the historic data you need in store B so when you sync store B you won’t lose any of the historic transactional data.


I certainly don’t want two metrics for each event. This quoted article above says I should remove metrics from the account prior to integrating Store B. In my case, I plan to export all orders, customers and product from Store A and import them into Store B. But I am still not clear when/how to “remove metrics” from Klaviyo and when to do the integration of the new store. 

Can you clarify? 

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In order to delete the metric and its records from Klaviyo, you will need to navigate to the Metrics tab > search for the metric in question > click the bin symbol on the right. You can begin the integration of the new store once you have completed all preliminary steps.