Will Removing a Shopify Integration Delete My Flows?

  • 15 September 2021
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If I remove the Shopify integration from Klaviyo, will that remove all of my flows?

Best answer by alex.hong 15 September 2021, 23:21

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Hi @Julien,

Thanks for posting to the Community and welcome!


Removing an integration will disable the integration and remove all its stored information stored from Klaviyo's backend. This means that all settings, etc. will be fully removed from Klaviyo. If you choose to re-enable the integration in the future, no prior historical settings -- such as credentials -- will repopulate. However, this is different from disabling an integration. Disabling will disable the integration, but settings information you might have shared (including credentials) will still be stored by Klaviyo's backend. This means that if you later decide to re-enable the integration, this information will repopulate automatically to facilitate this process.

We will store the integration metrics in your account, even if you disable the Shopify integration. You can have other platforms integrated if you are making a switch. Once you have fully moved to your new integration, you can remove the Shopify integration. When you do this, you will need to update your Flows to trigger off of your new integration events and update any dynamic tags you have within Flows to pull in new integration data, as opposed to Shopify data. 

To sum it all up, removing the Shopify integration will not remove any of your existing flows or delete any of the existing data/metrics that have accumulated within your account.


Hope this helped!