Working in two accounts at same time

  • 7 July 2021
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Does anyone know if or when you will be able to be logged into several accounts in different windows and work on them simultaneously?

I want to be able to have UK account open on one window/screen and US account open on the other to be able to copy content. 

At the moment it only allows you to work within one account at one time.

I hope this makes sense.


Thanks Shelle


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2 replies

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Hey David, Thanks for the reply.


Yeah - I’m aware that we can copy templates and flows and also have the option to clone things too. But that’s not really what I was meaning. I was hoping that by having two accounts we could be in the two of them at the same time and work alongside each other as there are times where I want to copy certain settings/behaviours within various elements of the accounts. 

Not to worry - It was more a ‘would be nice to have’ option than a ‘must-have’.





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Hello @Shelle,

Great question!

If you have access to multiple Klaviyo accounts with your individual credentials, you would not be able to access multiple accounts at the same time for security purposes. You would only be able to work in one account at a time. 

Because you have access to multiple accounts though, you can copy flows and email templates from one account to another which would alleviate the need to have two accounts open at a given time. You can find instructions on how to copy flows and email templates from one account to another from the How to Copy Flows and Templates Between Klaviyo Accounts article. 

I hope this helps!