Changing the sender email address affected my deliverability

  • 6 December 2023
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I recently tested a new sender email address, but keeping the same domain. Our spam rate is under control, staying below 0.1%. However, with this new address our emails started to be placed in the spam folder. So I sent some email tests to myself using both addresses and the old one always got placed in the main folder and the new one in the spam folder.

So what would be the best practices for starting a new sender email address?


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Hi @Mateus, did you send it as a Campaign with the new email address or are you just using Send Preview email tests?  Sometimes the preview test emails can vary from a normal Campaign deliverability from my experience. 

Also, are you on a dedicated sending domain or using Klaviyo’s shared infrastructure? And, are you alos changing the From Name as well? 

Normally, changing the email address (from the same domain) doesn’t affect deliverability overall, but can change recipients expectations for better or worse.  For example, if they expect to get email from Name A with Email A, to Name B with Email B, they may respond differently.

Hailing our resident champion @inboxingmaestro, he might be able to add more context.  But I think he mentioned the same thing here in the past: