Do sign up forms/pop ups affect website bounce rate?

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Does anybody know if sign up forms that are used as a website pop up affect your bounce rate on the page the form shows on?

I work for two sister companies, one of which (website #1) shuts down (meaning has no product) for the summer. Our solution is to redirect all website visitors to our other, separate company website (website #2) where they can buy similar products all summer long. We’re concerned about what our bounce rate will look like after a couple months of people clicking the form on website #1 and immediately being redirected to website #2. Help & thanks!


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Hi @Aubrey, welcome to the community!

Just to be absolutely clear, you are referring to the website’s bounce rate (and not email bounce rate).  By Google Analytics definition of a “bounce” - is simply someone visiting a single page in a session. 

So if your Klaviyo Signup Form Popup is shown on a page that someone visits once and clicks on it to go to the other website, this might register in your Google Analytics as a “bounce” which contributes to your overall bounce rate. 

However, this is actually what you intended to do, so I’m not sure if your bounce rate becoming higher than usual is necessarily a bad thing!

Hope this helps!

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Hey @Aubrey,

Echoing @retention’s awesome point, I would have to imagine if someone goes to your site and then leaves - regardless of the method - would be considered a bounce.

If you haven’t already, it could be helpful to take a look and review some of the resources provided by Google Analytics such as their How a web session is defined in Universal Analytics article which explains that a session is:

A session is a group of user interactions with your website that take place within a given time frame. For example a single session can contain multiple page views, events, social interactions, and ecommerce transactions

A session is just the overall grouping of interactions on your website, this could be as simple as a user visiting your site and bouncing or as complicated as someone who has interacted and taken any number of actions on your site. 

Since you’re concerned with SEO, I would suggest consulting with an SEO specialist if you haven’t already. If you need an introduction to one, a number of our Klaviyo Partners also offer SEO assistance. 


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Hi @retention ,

Thanks for the warm welcome! Yes, referring to the website page’s bounce rate, not an email!

The pop up appears the second they land on our main home page, so there is no time for them to look or click anywhere else on the actual page. Is it technically even a session if the website opens the page with the pop up showing first, main homepage in the background blurred, and they click the pop up to go to website #2? They would never even close the pop up and touching anything or seeing the home page without a pop up.

I guess another way of looking at it is are instant, upon-arrival pop ups part of the session for that page it is attached to, or does a session on a page start once the pop up is closed?

We don’t mind the bounce rate, except that we are also concerned about it affecting SEO for Website #1 that is shut down. How will it fare when we reopen with product?


Thanks for your help!