How many emails can I send at once?

  • 19 April 2024
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Hi Community!

I’m getting in to email marketing to grow my start-up and have a bunch of things I’m trying to figure out so I can be more effective


How many emails can I send at once? or in a single day? - Someone told me 50 per hour

Who sets those limits? 

What happens if you exceed that number?

I am using my own domain to send emails which I purchased over a month ago.

Is Klaviyo sending the emails or is the company I host my email with sending them? 


Thanks all for your help! 


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Hiya @Streampunk! Let’s back up for a second so I can understand a bit more of where you’re coming from.


  • Are you asking about limitations from a technical perspective, literally how many quickly and in what quantity can the software process emails? That’s pretty close to instantaneous and in enormous quantity. Klaviyo is processing millions of emails at any given time. 
  • Or are you asking from a strategic perspective of how many should you be sending in any given day to your customers? This is going to depend largely on your business and what your goals are. 
  • Or are you asking from a billing perspective what the limitations of your plan are? I’d ned to know what plan you’re on to advise you further.