t-online bounces september 2022

  • 8 September 2022
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Hi Klaviyo,

I switched from mailchimp to klaviyo to get the better email marketing experience.

But as I read in many post and as I experienced myself, klaviyo seems to have a huge problem to deliver emails to t-online adresses in germany. as you know, t-online is very popular in germany, so this is a big issue to all german customers. 

I would like to do the advice you have given in all the posts so far about setting up a dedicated ip address, but I can't get it because my account doesn't seem to be big enough. So what to do. 

As your customer, it can't be my job to deal with T-Online, a very popular email provider in DACH, to do your job. 
I am very disappointed in klaviyo that these problems have been known for well over a year and have not yet been fixed. And just as a hint: Mailchimp gets it right too. 
Is there any news on this issue, or are you still advising me to set up a dedicated IP that I can't get? I have already implemented all the other points.

I like klaviyo very much otherwise, but as a German customer this is a no-go.

Many greetings from an annoyed customer!


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Hey @bitmap,

I’m Chirag a member of our Deliverability and Compliance team and would be happy to help you out here.

I first want to extend an apology for the frustration that the requirements instituted by T-Online to ensure inbox placement has caused. We are still actively working with T-Online to establish a better solution for senders using our shared IPs from having their emails being blocked.

We’re glad to hear you’ve taken positive actions to enable double opt-in and setting up a dedicated sending domain as part of T-Online’s requirements. Both of these practices are sure to have lasting positive impacts on your brand’s deliverability otherwise.

We’ll be sure to update users as soon as we have details regarding these requirements in the existing Community posts below:

For the time being, for accounts that do not meet all of T-Online’s requirements, we recommend creating a segment using a condition like the one below and excluding the said segments from your campaign sends.

This will prevent profiles having a series of bounces on their timeline which in turn will make sure that they are not suppressed for email sending in the future.

Thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!