Using Shopify Flow to Send Tracking Data to Klaviyo Metric

  • 4 October 2022
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Hey guys, I’m trying to use Shopify Flow with Klaviyo to accomplish the following:

  • If order is fulfilled & shipping carrier = XXXXX, then send email to customer with special instructions

I have a Shopify Flow configured to look to see if a carrier = XXXX then action = Klaviyo Track Event item

Within the track even item, I’m trying to pass the tracking number parameter into Klaviyo, and here is where I’m stuck.


Since an order can have multiple items, and each item may be shipped with a different carrier, I can’t just pull the fulfillment.tracking_number or the fulfillment.tracking_company parameters and send it to Klaviyo.


When I try to reach out Shopify or Klaviyo for help, I just constantly get bounced back and forth between the two companies. It is VERY frustrating so here I am asking the guru’s of the world for help!


I am not a programmer, but I am a tinkerer. I know enough to be dangerous but not enough to do anything significant with the knowledge I have :)


Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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3 replies

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Hi @chocobo15,

Thanks for sharing this with us. Sorry to hear about the frustration you’re experiencing. Let’s get things cleared up.

First, I would create a flow triggered off of your event from the Connector. Then insert the tags into an email in that flow which represent the tracking number and the tracking company. Preview the email for an order with multiple items/carriers. If you’re seeing all of the different numbers and carriers in the preview, we can work with that data (using a dynamic table) to display the different carriers and tracking numbers in your Klaviyo email. Here’s a thread which speaks to populating event variables in Klaviyo emails, the same principles would apply in this case:

If you’re only seeing a single carrier name and tracking number for an order with multiple items in the preview, a good question for Shopify would be how can we insert more tags to account for each tracking number and tracking company (for tracking an event via the Shopify Connector)? Once we have those discrete numbers and companies passed from the Shopify Connector to Klaviyo, it will be more straightforward to resolve. The solution would be similar to what’s described in the thread below:

I hope that’s helpful.

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Dov, thank you for your detailed response.

I’m trying to accomplish what you’re mentioning here and I already have a flow created in Klaviyo as well to trigger off the new event from the Shopify Flow Connector.

The issue is when I go to view the details of the events that are coming in (metrics → activity feed → click on the timestamp) it doesn’t show any details at all! Just an Activity ID and a Unique # of some sort. I’m assuming this is Klaviyo’s internal stuff.

This is what got me wondering if I’m using the connector properly and passing in correct info and this is where I get lost in a lot of the literature between Shopify and Klaviyo.

Here's a screenshot of what I have on the Shopify side of the flow connector. My understanding is that whatever is in these event properties is what gets passed over to the Klaviyo event metric that gets created right?


If my understanding is just completely off, please enlighten me :)

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Hi @chocobo15,

Of course! Happy to provide as much insight as possible.

You have the general correct understanding - the event properties you insert into the connector should be relaying that event information into Klaviyo. As you said, that event data should be visible by navigating from metrics → activity feed → clicking on one of the event timestamps. In turn, this same data should then be able to be used in your emails (using the docs provided in my last reply).

Understood. That’s helpful context to have as well. Not sure if you’ve seen this thread (attaching below) but both Taylor and Joe from Retention have some further suggestions:

Let us know if that helps.